Creating the American Socialist Artistocracy


The primary literary theme that runs through the four-part Byzantium Saga is the struggle of the individual against the constraints of a rigid, hierarchical society.

Why do self-proclaimed “progressives” always come to power using the rhetoric of fairness, equity, and inclusion, but almost inevitably end up looking down upon the rest of us from an ivory tower?

Meanwhile, those they claim to champion, especially those at the lowest end of the socio-economic spectrum, sink ever deeper into the abyss of dependence on government, failing public schools, crime-ridden streets, and economic stagnation?  It’s because these people are actually socialists in disguise, creating a new feudal hierarchy with themselves as the aristocrats.
Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and others like them constantly rail against the evils of capitalism, yet they do not hesitate to exploit it for their own personal gain at every opportunity. This book examines all of this and more through the lenses of history, politics, economics, culture, spirituality, and sometimes just common sense.  It also surveys the landscape of current events and social trends to explain how these “progressives” seek to deceive the American public, with the very intention of bringing about a “regression” to a darker age from the past.

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It was in the ultra-competitive arena of politics and political campaigns that Jon developed the conviction that the United States of America is careening headlong down the road to its own destruction.

He looks forward to focusing once again on his scholarly pursuits in the field of history, but the events and cultural trends of recent years have compelled him to voice his concerns about the future of America. This is his petition to the nation:

“If we humans, deeply flawed as we all are, blithely persist in discounting the evidence presented to us by our own history, we do so at the peril of our own lives and liberties. But even worse, we will do so at the peril of the future generations to come.”

Jon Anthony Hauser


For those who require proof there is a God, one only to needs to make an objective examination of history and the world today.  The greatest evidence there is a God is demonstrated by what mankind is capable of when some among us insist they are equivalent to God, and are allowed to act as such.”

– Jon Anthony Hauser

An in-depth exploration into the underlying socialist ideologies of those who identify as 'progressives.' This book scrutinizes the corrosive impact of their agenda, often concealed, on the fundamental pillars of America - politically, economically, culturally, and spiritually. Hauser not only reveals this deception, but also provides valuable insights into reclaiming the original vision set forth by the founding fathers.

Lucas Miles – Pastor, TV Host, and Best Selling Author of Woke Jesus

In The Destruction of Liberty, Hauser provides a candid view of the road we are taking in building modern-day America and compares it to the inevitable frailty of human nature that is recurrent thoughout our entire collective experience. His holistic approach reflects on the foundational truths of a failed political ideology by examining its history, its economic record, and most importantly, its antipathy to personal liberty. He confronts popular opinion in contemporary political thought to reveal the monumental evils, usually hidden from a public view by those in power, of a system in which oppression and exploitation are the only plausible outcomes.

Keith Byars – President of Abtrex Industries Inc.

Voicing his concerns about the future of America, Jon Anthony Hauser, writes that the liberty and freedoms that America takes for granted are under attack and at stake in our current world. The cultural trends in a woke America and cancel culture in the highly volatile political arena are the focus of this book, to include the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Their reach breaches every sphere of influence with the abolishment of Christianity and the entrepreneurial spirit at its core. The Destruction of Liberty helps readers gain a better understanding and overall perspective of what liberty is and how the country, like a runaway train, is heading to a dead end and on the tracks to destroying itself. The knowledge of the true God and knowledge from experience in His grace is being replaced by an agenda that is unraveling society, government, and families in our current modern-day prone to expensive wars, economic crises, and the loss of morality in society. A Must-Read for today’s current American crisis!


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