Despite the incessant fear mongering of the Democratic Party about the need to defeat Donald Trump “to preserve our democracy,” the growing movement to remove Joe Biden as the Democratic presidential nominee succinctly frames the question of who the REAL threats to American democracy are, as well as transparency in government.  The Democrats and their allies in the “mainstream” media obviously conspired with one another to hide vital information from the American public about the state of Joe Biden’s mental acuity in order to influence the Democratic primaries this past year, and perhaps even going all the way back to the election of 2020.  (We all remember how infrequently Joe Biden emerged from hiding during that campaign, using the Covid pandemic as his excuse.)  What does The Destruction of Liberty say about the illicit partnership between the media and the home of Socialism in America, the Democratic Party, and their respect for free and fair elections?

“Media manipulation and propaganda are the historical weapons of socialists, and they are determined to make use of them today. This is directly contradictory to the framers of the Constitution, who thought the media so important, and its independence so sacred, that they enshrined free speech in the very First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Furthermore, they knew the independence of the media demanded that it NOT be an arm of the government, as it has always been in socialist dictatorships of the past. Thus, the role of government watchdog has long been nearly sacred to the American media. This is why, rather than annexing the media outright, the American Left has been forced to co-opt it as a partner instead. But frustrating as this must be for them, never underestimate the patience and persistence of evil.

“Do not doubt that the long-term goal of the socialists is nothing less than to make the once free media completely subservient to the state. Why would they not? They believe in an all-powerful government, as the instrument of its will, with monolithic armies of bureaucracies that are able to steamroll anyone in their path. If the socialists ever achieve their ultimate goals, the media in America will be amongst the unending list of government agencies, resembling the notorious news organization known as Pravda in the Soviet Union. Though “pravda” is Russian for “truth”, that did not stop the Soviet socialists from using it to “instruct” their unfortunate citizens what they were allowed to think or say about THEIR version of truth.” (The Destruction of Liberty, p. 191.)

However, after the presidential debate of July 27, it became impossible to hide the truth of Biden’s cognitive decline any longer. This debacle was witnessed live by 51 million Americans. By the time it was over, it was too late for the the media to step in as usual and spin the narrative in the Democrats’ favor. As the old saying goes, “the cat was already out of the bag.” Furthermore, once their duplicity had been exposed, the media had no choice but to try and retrieve their own reputations. Thus, more information continues to trickle out about the lack of fitness for office of their previously chosen candidate, including meltdowns and utterly ridiculous explanations by Joe Biden’s own political team while being questioned.  Such is the growing scandal that many Democrats now openly advocate nullifying their own primaries by empowering the “bosses” of their party to concoct a backroom deal to replace their own elected nominee.  This is the stuff of Tammany Hall and similar 19th century Democratic political corruption, while the collective history of socialism in general is shot through with their contempt for democracy and the will of the people.

“It seems redundant to say that freedom, liberty, and democracy are impossible without free and fair elections. However, the socialists have managed to convince wide swathes of the American public to relinquish this cornerstone of the republic. Rather than winning elections by convincing voters on the basis of the merits of their ideas, their character, or their competency, they are attempting to institutionalize the outcomes, thus making elections irrelevant. Because they are authoritarian in nature, they hate democracy, and thus have always hated the very concept of elections. According to their history, their ideology, and their natures, power must be TAKEN, never granted freely by those who are governed.” (The Destruction of Liberty, p. 373.)