For me, the most important takeaway from the debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on the 27th of June is why this election is and must be about more than persons or personalities.  It must also be about ideas and ideologies.  In this case, the evil, deceitful, and bankrupt ideology of socialism vs. the ideologies of freedom, liberty, and the American way of life.

    Even in the opening moments of the debate, it was painfully obvious that Joe Biden, despite being closeting for over a week to prepare, does not possess the cognitive acuity to hold the office of president of the United States.  However, this fact has been an open secret in Washington DC for a considerable time, since perhaps even before the election of 2020.  (Could this be why he stayed hidden in his basement for most of that campaign?) But the Democratic Party intentionally hid this from the American people. 

    Only now that the spectacle of Biden’s cognitive decline has been put on open display on national TV are there chagrined calls from the Democrats and the legacy media for a change at the top of their ticket.  However, this comes AFTER the democratic processes of primary elections have already taken place.  Now that they have been caught out red-handed and exposed, they believe they are entitled to a “mulligan.”  For all their rhetoric about preserving democracy, their lack of respect for democracy (and the American public) is breathtaking.  Of course, as with all socialists throughout their dark, miserable history, one must always ignore their rhetoric and closely scrutinize their ACTIONS.   

    This is precisely what the Democrats and their handmaidens in the left-wing media hoped to avoid by insisting that this election must not be about the Trump record vs. the Biden record, or even about any cognitive issues Joe Biden may have.  They were determined that this election be solely about the personality of one man, Donald Trump.  That is, until the curtain was pulled back and they were exposed as the frauds they are.  Now they must scramble to construct their next charade.

    “What [the Left] truly despise is what [Donald Trump] represents, which is the segment of the population that remembers and remains true to the ideals and aspirations that made America a great nation. The Left does not want America to be great again because they realize when she is, their brand of self-serving, authoritarian, aristocratic socialism cannot exist. Once we understand this, we can understand why the phrase “make America great again” utterly terrorizes them. Furthermore, this self-serving persecution of Donald Trump, and by extension his political supporters, is entirely consistent with the history and temperament of all socialists, and aristocracies for that matter.

    “As we established at the very beginning of this book, the Nazis, Soviets, Communist Chinese, and the rest who sprang from the degenerate socialist tree, all came to power promising a virtual panacea. But for all their declarations about justice for the downtrodden, the rule of law, and economic equality, they all became exactly what they claimed to be overthrowing…the new aristocratic class that oppresses the rest of the people, while ruthlessly guarding its own prerogatives.”  (The Destruction of Liberty, pp. 358-359.)