The guilty verdicts in the sham prosecution of Donald Trump in New York today are both dishonorable and predictable for many reasons, but two stand out above the rest. First, the hatred for and obsession with Donald Trump by the self-proclaimed “progressive” Left of this country has no limits, and not for the virtuous reasons they would have us believe. Second, in their determination to persecute him, they have resorted to the time-honored tactics of all authoritarian socialists throughout history. They weaponize the full might of the media, the centralized federal bureaucracy and law enforcement, and the justice system to silence their political opposition, because they cannot persuade people to their cause through the power of their ideas or the purity of their motives. Socialists primarily achieve and maintain power through fear and intimidation, like their aristocratic feudal predecessors during the medieval ages. Let’s examine what The Destruction of Liberty has to say.

“So, where does this fear, hatred, and obsession spring from? It is the primal urge for self-preservation. The hatred for Donald Trump by the establishment class is really due to his stated intention to “drain the swamp”, and the fear that he actually means it, and might succeed in it. He represents an existential threat to their socialist “caste system” of political, legal, and economic privilege. He isn’t the first to call attention to this two-tiered feudal system, but he is the first to have the degree of national following he has attracted and maintained. What’s more, he brought a large segment of the population who agree with him, but who in recent decades had been largely dormant politically, back into the electoral process. This only fuels the fear he could succeed.

“Whereas the self-appointed aristocrats of the American bureaucracy, political class, and the media (the “experts”) had grown accustomed to acting with impunity and self-interest with little or no accountability, Trump awakened within many of these disillusioned people the hope that somehow the general public could take back a measure of influence over the course of the nation. He convinced them that their voice, and their vote, mattered once more. Of course, this is exactly what the “swamp” seeks to avoid. In fact, they react with visceral disgust for this ‘basketful of deplorables’, and the man who they hold up as their leader.” (Chapter 25 of “The Destruction of Liberty,” pp. 345-346.)

“How does a socialist aristocracy take full advantage of the weaponization of law enforcement and the bureaucracy, and make maximum use of violence and fear as a tool of “social justice?” To make these things profoundly effective, such an autocracy must ensure that their political enemies are punished for their opposition, and that their political allies are protected from the consequences of their actions. What does this mean in today’s America? Here is the translation: Conservatives and Republicans must be persecuted, even if their only crime is their philosophical point of view. Meanwhile, socialists and Democrats must be protected from the consequences of their actions, no matter how incompetent, or what manner of corruption or malfeasance they engage in.” (Chapter 21 of “The Destruction of Liberty,” p. 273)