On this anniversary of the birth of America, this most patriotic of days during the year, it is entirely appropriate that we ask ourselves why the Left in this country so vehemently hates the outward symbols of patriotism, just as they hate the concept of patriotism itself. Many of us will attend parades and festivals where the American flag is proudly displayed, and the national anthem proudly played and venerated. Many of us eagerly anticipate and participate in such rituals. However, others will scoff at these rituals, or even openly complain at the inherent unfairness in them, as a way of denigrating the underlying sentiment behind them.

Who are these people that so despise the nation these rituals are meant to venerate? Why are they determined to undermine these rituals, as a way of undermining the nation itself? Who but the political Left of this country objects to displaying the American flag, because to do so might be a “trigger” to others among us? They have no qualms whatsoever about displaying the LGBTQ+ flag, though many of us find it a blatant attempt at “normalizing” aberrant behavior. But the most radical of these same people have no time for celebrating the nation that allows them this freedom. So, once again, we must ask ourselves the fundamental question. Why does the political Left of this country despise the concept of patriotism, and the symbols and rituals which attend it? Let’s consult The Destruction of Liberty.

“Socialists…have no regard for loyalty to anything besides socialism in its national, centralized form. Thus, the socialists cannot be satisfied until every citizen looks exclusively to them for sustenance and security, through undivided loyalty their centralized, hierarchical command structure. Because socialism needs to be needed, it needs its citizenry to be needy. By breaking down…communal bonds of common interests and values, socialism is able to expand its power beyond mere economic dependence. It eliminates the competition for the hearts and minds of its would-be supplicants, which is consistent with its entire agenda.

“Socialists must destroy any affinity individuals have to institutions whose origins and purpose are independent of their centralized political control, as is consistent with their entire collective history. Because the historic legacy of the United States of America is of a de-centralized, economic and socially independent citizenry, socialism must attack and diminish America itself before it can reach its ultimate goal. [Therefore] patriotism as a concept must be attacked. The pledge of allegiance must be banned and the national anthem denigrated, BECAUSE they celebrate American history, culture, and values.” (The Destruction of Liberty, p. 232)